Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Celebrating Valentines Day As A Singleton

by KC Morgan (from Ohmynews International)

If you consider Valentine's Day to be a slap in the face, then you're probably single. Not everyone wants to celebrate, because not everyone is a couple. What about a Valentine's Day for singles?

The stores are filled with chocolates, and the media is filled with talk of love, but Valentine's Day is one holiday where the public is definitely split. Relationship-oriented events and holidays can make singles feel bad, but there is good news. In many places, the single population outnumbers that of the married populace. That means, there are probably more people who are not getting into the Valentine's Day spirit of coupledom. Celebrate being single on Valentine's instead, and turn this Two Holiday into a day of fun for one.

Get together with other singles to enjoy the day. Spending the day with others who are without dates can make Valentine's Day seem like a day for singles, instead of one for couples. Some friends may even exchange small gifts, to further celebrate their singleness. Candy and flowers can still be enjoyed -- and you will probably enjoy them just as much as if they were given by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

For some, Valentine's Day may be a chance to remember why they like being alone in the first place. Spend the day doing things you enjoy doing, things you want to do, and things you probably wouldn't get to do if you had another person to worry about. Being single isn't cause for tears, but for tons of enjoyment. Remind yourself why it's great to be single, instead of just feeling alone during Valentine's Day.

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day that don't include having a date. One thing that's very hard to do, however, is ignore Valentine's Day completely. So many others will be celebrating, and advertisements are everywhere. It's too hard to skip over the day, and Valentine's is often one holiday that refuses to be ignored. Don't try to hide from Valentine's, even if it means admitting you're still a single. Find a way to make it great instead, because holidays aren't something you can hide from. Being single shouldn't mean that you have to hide from anything, and certainly not a day.

Valentine's Day may be a holiday all about love, but it isn't intended to make singles feel bad. Celebrate other types of love by telling people close to you how special they are. Remember, the world is full of love, and even single people have plenty of it in their lives. Valentine's is a celebration of all kinds of love, including the love you have for yourself. And when you look at it like that, being single definitely doesn't sound so bad.

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