Friday, February 09, 2007

6pm Hills

I am starving. Swam in my lunch break and then came back and loaded stories. Stretching myself too thin, like too little margarine over a vast surface of dry bread.

Earlier today I emailed Frans Cronje of Global Creative Studios (they did Faith Like Potatoes and they're about to do 'The Choice'). Did a short pitch of Sunburnt Soil.

What else. Oh, title of this post. Got ought at 6pm yesterday after a short kip for a much needed hill session. Smacked my heartrate up to 171 on the longest section.

Also got this message from Alex:

Well, I am not going to give you a are a big boy that needs to motivate yourself to get up in the mornings and train. What I will however do is tell you how far you are falling behind.
I did 1:30 on Tuesday morning. About 1 hour of this at threshold.
Wed: Easy 1:20 (recovery)
Thurs: 1:30 included Hills.
Tomorrow: Recovery ride: 1:30
Sat: 109km Race in VA (Will be hard - over Hekpoort. 4km climb, rest of race is fairly flat) Total climbing will be in excess of 1000m.
Sun: 3 hour recovery ride.

Total riding time for week: Approx 12 hours.

One question for you: Do you want to compete or just be a fun rider?


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