Thursday, January 18, 2007


We had a presentation today from the big Kahuna himself. Some interesting points. He also clarified areas where the company is performing well, and areas where they are struggling a bit. It occurred to me to write a short document with a few proposals, but I suppose to comes across as a bit rich coming from a new employee (who ought to know zilch, even if the points made have some merit).

I heard this morning that the Doomsday clock has been moved forwward 2 minutes, from 7 minutes to midnight, to 5. One of the reasons cited was climate change.

I've posted a long but well researched article on ohmynews and it has very quickly jumped to number two (most popular). It should get to the number one spot in about an hour or so I imagine. Think ohmynews are going to start treating my stories with a bit more credibility. They've tossed a few out, and been hesitant over a few that I put a lot of work into, and now I think I've proved that I have some intelligent ideas squizzing around here.

I am a data manager. I manage data. I write about it, I clean it. Interesting.
Go here to read the ohmynews article, or click on the title.

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