Monday, January 08, 2007

R & R and Carrrds

After a week in the corporate world, and with oil plunging to below (well below) $60 it suddenly feels like a different life, even a different world. I'm really enjoying my car. I've proved I am a conscientious objector (having been without one for a year), so now I guess I'll participate in easy motoring until the Party's Over.

The strain of suddenly being office bound and alert for 8 hours straight, and a very hard track session of Thursday (after weeks of not running) meant all the good intentions in the world couldn't resuscitate me over the weekend. Saturday was a disaster: time spent trying to recoup energy turned into an energy sapping experience. The place is as hot as a shanty in the heat of the day, and seems to retain a lot of that heat during the evening, despite a fan blowing frantically at top spin practically all day.

Have a look at the 'Dozy Dragonfly' picture on (click on the title of this post to link directly). It's one of the best pictures I've taken in a while. Went to Lynne Slettevold's studio-in-progress in Kelner Road. Will be exhibiting photos like the dragonfly sometime in March I expect.

Money is still tight. My R4500 from the Chinese school (paid mid-December) has had to last beyond Christmas, and right through January. Out come the credit cards.

Have struggled to load photos, so if the blog has seemed boring from a picture point of view, that couldn't be helped. Have many holiday photos in-waiting.

Got up at 5am on an unusually chilly morning to do laps with Hennie - who is in awesome shape - and Carike. Was good. Just 30km, but I nice way to start the day. Ran 5km last night without any problems. Am feeling a bit wrecked today at work, a fact not helped by a search mission for not only my bank card, but also my access card to the building where I work.
Card 1: left at the restaurant where I had pizza last night with Fransa
Card 2: accidemntally dropped in the parking lot and handed in by security.

And now it's back to work...hi ho, hi ho...

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