Friday, January 26, 2007

Free Passage

I'm struggling for the first time to get the W70 000 ohmynews owes me for this weeksd writing. There's some computer glitch involved, because it keeps coming up with an error code saying that the previous payment has not gone off, when it has. Not a biggie, but it is R500 odd, and I'd like to put that towards my rent in addition to my pay.

There's a cycling race tomorrow. I have to decide whether I want to be a masochist and ride the 100km. I think, since it's a 20km ride to the start, I'll end up riding around 90km anyway (if I do the 50km ride), so think I will do that.

This weekend I'm going to work on GOING FOR THE JUGULAR. There is almost no usable content (that I could find) on the net, so once I post that story on this blog, there'll be something on the net that doesn't really exist.

Meanwhile I borrowed a DVD from Rochelle Coetzer - a colleague - and watched the first episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Excellent stuff. Will be watching a lot more for the rest of this weekend.

Today's dress up theme is kindergarten. Some interesting outfits. While the bloody heat burns outside...

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