Sunday, January 28, 2007


Had a good cycle race on Saturday. Saw CJ and San Marie lining up for the 90km race. I did 60km.

The front guys got away on the long climb on the N1 about 1km before Engen (where else), and me and an oldish guy, Hannes, hauled for the next 45km or so.

Time: 1:45
Distance: 60km
Average speed: 34km/h (1:45 p/km)
Avg heartrate: 155 (168 max)

Wilbur won the race on his red Felt, Kate and Claude were both there too.
I was quite happy with my ride. Leg didn't feel nearly as sore as it did on Thursday, and probably a good thing I didn't push the hills harder than I did (Note: max HR 168)

I think the reason I felt so terrible in that first cycle race, tactics aside, was because I started the race slightly dehydrated, and took less than a fifth of a litre of water along. Hello?

Hannes and I actually worked well together. I think we're about exactly as strong as the other, at this point.
I need to focus now on pyramid workouts, climbing and getting some distance in.

Been a bit of a lonely weekend. Had coffee with Lynne, and visited dad briefly (fed the dogs some bones), but otherwise just time spent with me.

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