Monday, January 15, 2007

Crazy Daisy

Pretty good weekend that included visits to Mystic and New York (restaurant). Also discovered that I now weigh 85kg, so need to do something quick or I might soon be the recipient of a harpoon (harpoon - whale - geddit?).

Have taken my bike in for numerous work details to be done on it. Think it may need a need shifting bracket for the chainring.

The cycle race on Saturday was quite scary. I had about 4 hours sleep, and rode very aggressively. Did okay for the first 25km, then lost the first bunch, then the second bunch also left me behind. The guys rode in such a weird way. No one built on the breaks I made, they just caught me then waited behind me, with the result that I caught plenty of wind. But then it was supposed to be a training race for me. I was much stronger when I did the timetrial in the last triathlon. I suppose it's par for not knowing how fit I am. Well, now I know, and at least I rode hard enough to suffer. Need to be training every morning early now.

Going running this afternoon. Also need to buy a new swim costume. My Korea Ironman one seems to have disappeared.

Went for a drive in a C180 Merc late yesterday. Have already sent the pics to John Williams - to possibly go up in one of their showrooms. Some of the pics are really stunning.

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