Thursday, January 25, 2007


That's the group I've been seeded into for the Argus. Am quite chuffed. It's above me for right now as I cycled this morning (early) and felt unfit. Think I averaged around 25km/h (did 50km in 2 hours). Somehow I managed to ride away from 3 or 4 other cyclists I arranged to meet, even at that slow pace. Not sure what they were doing.

The hamstring injury hurt on bigger gears and uphills so still some concern there. Will have to schedule some time with Petro, for Physio.

Have had a good week with ohmynews this week, despite some negative feedback today. Some readers querying why I write about Climate Change and also promote the experience of driving a Mercedes. People expect congruency, even when what people say and do almost never coincides - especially in terms of politicians and workers (vis a vis their bosses), students etc etc. What amazed me was the contest between Kerry and Bush, and Kerry was accused of being a flip flopper for being in the Vietnam War, and then criticizing the war afterward, while Bush didn't even go to war but plunged his country into a stupid one. But the nation rewarded Bush for his consistency (at being stupid), and punished Kerry for his self-correcting action.

I have expressed the conflicted feelings I have (on the above subject) on this blog -especially in terms of the damage we do to ourselves, and the environment, through our easy motoring culture. Especially when I drove the Yaris I remember saying: I wished there was no fuel problem because driving is such a pleasure (especially in the lastest cars). We feel - with so much apparently abundant energy at our disposal - powerful, but it is a temporary illusion, isn't it?

We have to see for ourselves the consequences of our enjoyment (of all our consumption, and our indulgences). I am not pretending that I, or the world, doesn't enjoy some aspects of our consumption. People who don't realise this obvious dichotomy are both shortsighted and, I think, stubbornly lacking in intelligence.

Meanwhile a car that was parked where mine is now parked has apparently just been stolen.

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