Saturday, January 06, 2007

Be the Miracle

Start looking for salvation in the right place

Go inward. What do you see? What do you feel? What’s your experience of your own experience, in other words: What is it like, right now to be you? There’s another way to ask the question: sense your Being.

We’re all human beings, but at times it seems like we spend a large proportion of time on the human part, without slowing down to notice any of the precious components associated with Being, like being alive. Breathing. The taste of water. Falling asleep, waking up. Seeing color. Feeling light on our skins. Feeling the roughness of a dry towel, the smoothness of a loved one’s cheek. A smile. Sparkling eyes. All these precious fleeting experiences are fleeting; they can only be appreciated not by thoughts, or words, but by our being consciously alive in our bodies in the present moment.

The human part of the human being seems to me to be about unconscious living. Trying to be rich, ambitious, getting what we want, not being happy with what we have and focusing on what we don’t have. Spending time in the past. Wanting to be different to what we are. In some ways these attitudes and propensities are good, after all, ambition, wanting to improve ourselves isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But if our concerns are all ambitious, if we have a complete denial and non acceptance (or ignorance) of ourselves, then we find ourselves getting away from ourselves. We become lost.

It’s when we’re lost that we finally become desperate and begin to hope, pray and yearn increasingly for a miracle. It’s an interesting conundrum. We become divorced from ourselves, we try even harder to pursue what we have in mind (in an unconscious way), and end up almost entirely disconnected from our sense of Being. And thus disconnected, we begin to spontaneously hope and pray for salvation. The bizarre part is, operating from a disconnected paradigm, we disconnect even further, by asking for help outside of ourselves. We try to find God in a personality outside of ourselves. We try to rescue ourselves with substances, medication, escapes outside of ourselves. And naturally, none of this works, unless there is some result that throws us off the pattern and paradigm we have created. Unless we go within, seeking internal resolution, all the prayers, hopes and pleading in the world is just the noise of a barking dog in a suburbia whose inhabitants have left for the holiday beach.

We do need rescue from all sorts of too human focuses. These lead to the common problems we see everyday, like depression. Cancer is also a malaise linked to lifestyle. Both are messages that manifest more and more to tell us that our lives have become seriously unbalanced.

It’s through our sense of being that we can rescue ourselves. When we pray inwardly, as though reaching to God through ourselves, that God is able to change us. It’s an interesting question, if you believe in God: “If God is the perfect God, then surely all his designs are perfect, even us, and so is it really a case of us praying to God to change his mind about something we want? If God is perfect surely it’s not up to him to change, is it?” Exactly. It’s not up to him. When we pray to God, the change needs to happen in us. Our prayers are a form of inverse psychology, and they’re effective if we’re prepared to go deeply enough on that inward journey, and be honest enough about our intentions. Why we want what we say we want, why we’re unhappy. Because when you connect with your being, you also connect to everything else, and it’s through connecting to the universe, that your sense of being awakens, comes alive, and you become calm and filled with peace and joy. These are the spiritual goals we’re striving for, and in the alliance of body, mind and spirit, the spirit’s health can do a great deal to balance the health of the body and clear out muddied thinking patterns.

It all starts with feeling, and feelings when interpreted through thought, lead to emotions. How we respond to our emotions is paramount. Because we do have a choice. And we have a sense of will, after all. If we’re able to operate through a sense of our own Being, there is an automatic unconscious alignment of choice and will. How so? When we experience our own Being, we experience ourselves resonating with the universe, and vitally, we experience the universe resonating through ourselves. This experience primes us for powerful insights about ourselves and the universe, and the one in terms of the others. This is where the great value, the great gift of life is unlocked, and we’re flooded with meaning and reasons to do, and to be whoever we mean to be. Having is secondary, what we have tends to be a side-effect. The world is obsessed with having, and those who have the most are the most skilled and knowing how to be. Like Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Richard Branson.

The power of the universe is manifest in thought. Thoughts are powerful. They lead to words and deeds. God works through action. It’s another way of saying God works through what we do.

Go inward and find your way to who you are and why you really need to do what you mean to do. Once you’ve connected to your own true will, it’s easy to make the choices that flow from there. Resonate with the universe. Sing in your own light, pouring yourself into the Milky Way like another of millions of age-old stars that fill the heavens with brilliance and magic. But remember, the magic is inside you, and to get it out there, you have to go in here. Now, go and be the miracle.

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