Monday, January 29, 2007

3 Time Zones

Did some banking today. Good to be a bit flush again. I called the offices of Jaco Els (my advocate), and spoke to his secretary. Turns out that Heartland did their runner before the Sheriff pitched (as predicted). Seems it's quite easy to play with the law - in your favour. It's this kind of arrogance I feel that has to be pursued until you have accountability. Which is why I think the case against the English Department of the University of the Free State needs to go a few more rounds. People think with a few nicely timed word punches they can get off the hook for their own incompetence. The buck has got to stop with someone. The reason this world is in the mess that it is - not only does no one stand up and take responsibility, the people who've been done in lose heart and let it go, allowing the cycle to continue.

I remember at my meeting with Prof. Wilfred Greyling and his superior, they guaranteed me that they would arrange a meeting that same day with Vice Dean (Prof Frederick Fourie), or at least by the end of the week. Meanwhile, a month has gone by. True to form, it'll be me arranging the meeting, and between now and the meeting my little friends will scamper to and froe to quickly get their story in so that by the time I arrive, it's case closed.

I do imagine Prof Fourie won't like the idea of a report on the facts being splashed about in the Volksblad. But then I'm not him, so who knows what the reigning psychology is. Up to now it certainly hasn't been either logical or commonsensical.

Another round then.

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