Monday, December 18, 2006



On Saturday I somehow got my corpse out of bed and onto the road with Hennie at around 7am. The previous night we had a nice dinner at the Mexican (pretty expensive, but nice atmosphere), and some people had too much to drink. I also, earlier in the day (Friday) celebrated the end of the year’s work by putting on a set of tyres. Good Year, what else?
And by going for a drink at the Dros. When I came back, I drove the Chrystler, which had been sandwiched between a pole and a tree outside the High-Q premises,


over a small pavement cliff, scrunching the undercarriage. The extra Amarula I had to drink hadn’t helped my perceptions, but I’m not sure if I would have seen the piece of pavement sticking out of the pavement like a knife. No sure that I did any irrevocable harm to the car, but the next day, did some harm to me.

Yes, I went running with Hennie, and in my sleepy state I’d forgotten that I’d actually torn my muscle a little running uphill sets hard (on Wednesday). Then we started to climb and I felt the muscle start to whine and strain. Then, just before the Administrator’s House (at the top of Happy Valley) and muscle ripped. Imagine a piano wire being plucked. OW! I actually blurted out a small shout of pain but Hennie didn’t hear me. I ran slowly up the last section, hoping the pain would subside. It didn’t really. I should really have turned round then and walk home but didn’t want to let Hennie down, and anyway, I wanted to be out running. It wasn’t very bright to then run up Naval Hill. The muscle had already been hurt and in the last and steepest section it pulled AGAIN! I tried to walk or run it out but each step was painful, if not more painful than the last.

On the hill we saw giraffe, a few antelope, and after Hennie left to fetch the car, I saw a biggish tortoise crossing the road. Hennie arrived in his car (after running back to my place) just past the grid.

Later in the day I went to have my car washed near Pretty Gardens. The neighbours that have just moved in were there. So I joined them for some ice tea and had a really interesting chat. Danica is 14, Tristan is 12, and their mum is 40-something, and quite an artistic woman. After chatting for ages I bought another creeper and some soil, and then went to fetch the car. Had a braai in the evening, but felt down about hurting my hamstring on the first training day.

On Sunday though I took Tristan to the Stadium pool and got in a nice 2.75km swim (despite having to make my way in the water around a drunk). Avril Lavigne was there too, or at least, some who looked a lot like her. Bought Tris and myself KFC burgers before coming home and watching the last of the Smallville series.

Need to get my car registered and insured now. I know: what have I been doing!

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