Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday Plans

I still have two weeks to go before a two week break. The plans are to get in plenty of training, especially running, and to make the following acquisitions (inless they've already been made by then):

- soundtrack to The Devil Wears Prada
- new Samsung TV (already have a bargain lined up)
- new tyres for the Chrysler
- run (and buy new running shoes)
- Christmas pressies

I also want to do a little road trip around Lesotho, taking in the mountains, but more particularly the southern KwaZulu Natal and Wild Coast beaches.

Over the weekend there was an awful article (taking on cyclists) by Deon Maas. The editor of the newspaper deserves a lot of flack for allowing something like that to go in.

I also came 3rd in Saturday's triathlon, with an okay swim (came out of the water 3rd), a good cycle (1:05, average of just under 36km/h - 1km/h slower than the half standard cycling average). The run was just a matter of surviving, since I didn't do any training for it, and it proved extremely tough in the heat. I started it just ahead of Vic (who I caught in the last km of the cycle, and despite getting off my bike at one stage to check and adjust the brake blocks). He made a 200-300m gap on me on the run and then got no further, which, judging from my lack of fitness, really isn't very good. Neither was my overall time, 2:33 (I've done a 2:00 before). I started the run on 1:35 so I think with a bit of effort I can make a sub 2:10 in the near future.

Today though, my legs are hurting more than they have after a hard marathon. Will train at 5pm just to drive the point home even further: get running (and get lighter).

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