Wednesday, November 22, 2006


A lot has been happening. After buying my car on Monday (which is enough of a lifestyle change already) Quintiles also asked me to attend another assessment and interview for Project Leader, which is a fairly big deal. I had to prepare a PowerPoint presentation with two days notice, and spent Monday night burning the midnight oil, and paging through books like Friedman's 'The World is Flat' and Kim's 'Blue Ocean Strategy'. It's interesting reading.

I got very little sleep since I only finished preparing the presentation in the wee hours of the warning. Thank goodness I had a car because my battery needed a break. I could feel the numbness of fatigue creeping into my brain at the assessment on Tuesday.
But today's presentation went well. It's an amazing job - travelling and presenting Quintiles work all over the place. Just up my street.

I've also been reading a book called 'Who Moved My Cheese', which is about anticipating change. Think I'm doing that, but need to step up the pace and head out into the maze some more.

I've been covering this book at school, which I've dubbed 'Sleepy Hollow', since the students are finding the combination of heat and hours of English a recipe for getting a few snoring symphonies in before lunch. I suggested to Shirley today to become a tour guide in Cape Town, and be the first to the cheese. With good enough marketing, the Chinese might discover Cape Town and million strong flocks might be lured here. Yay? Or oh no, what have we done?

I also bought Smallville's Season 4, and have managed to watch a few episodes. It's interesting stuff. I like the combination of humble beginnings and powerful inner ability.
I also think it'll make interesting discussion with the students.

Looking forward to good news from you know where. I really need to be growing in the world of work. Not in the teaching sense though.

Meanwhile, is it a concidence that I presented wearing a superblue shirt, and a red, candy stripe tie?

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