Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sleep State/Energise

Remember Captain Kirk. When he wanted to disappear and reappear somewhere else he'd say to Scotty: "Energise". Try saying it. Imagine yourself departiculating and reparticulating right beside yourself, but fully restored. Well, that's kind've what happened after this weekend. I went into Saturday feeling COMPLETELY run down. Tired, hating the bike, irritible and grumpy, and emerged today lus vir die lewe. Instead of cycling home from work I cycled over all Bloem's biggest hills, culminating with Naval Hill (twice), and then revisiting a piece of the OFM. Rode over 70km in the end.

At Naval Hill I enountered Kobus Toerien (or is it Greyvenstein?) and found Barendine training on the sly - at 3pm! Then again, she also found me. San Marie was also there. It's her 16th birthday tomorrow.

Meanwhile I made a call to a 401 number earlier today. Mrs P answered and a few minutes later accused me of interrogating her and threw the phone down. I think in lieu of the state of entropy that seems to afflict so many people in Bloem (mostly those who don't exercise), I should join the throng calling for name changes. No, not Manguang but Orange Sleep State. Hey people: ENERGISE!

Or better yet, read my article on Dismantling Depression below.
If that doesn't strike a cord, check out Apartheid in Reverse, on Ohmynews.

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