Thursday, November 16, 2006


It's been absolutely sweltering - these last few days - in Bloemfontein. Even last night was warm. Mercifully, a cold front is on its way, and has already licked Cape Town. Rainy weather is in store this weekend.

Today I am taking it easy. Basically resting for the weekend, but I'm going to try to get a swim in sometime this afternoon.

And I called Donovan yesterday to ask whether he’d made up his mind to do Honor’s next year. He said he’s also had a tough year, and still isn’t sure. He had some interesting reasons for quitting one of his English subjects this semester. He also asked me if I needed my copy of A Walk in the Night, because another student needed it for her exam.
Since I have two copies of the ENG 322 book, he gave my number to Jean, who called and came to pick it up at my place just before Smallville. She asked me for tips on how to study for the exams, and I asked her whether she was enjoying teaching.

She suggested teaching (doing training) for corporates, like Avis.
Then conversation swung to lectures, and I told her about the complaint I’d lodged. She added a few interesting anecdotes of her own. In terms of Prof Raftery (She Who Must Not Be Named) Jean said they attended a single lecture where she said, “I’ll see you in six weeks for the test.” They were expected to study Canterbury Tales on their own. Jean said the students started falling [off the course] like fleas.

I’m just not that keen on pursuing a course if I have to deal with the same set of problems, especially from She Who Must Not Be Named, next year. I’d rather not do the course at all and invest time and effort where I’m likely to find inspiration (instead of petulance).

And other news: Quintiles has put recruitment posters all over campus. So I suppose I can expect a crowd when I arrive. I wish it would rain down.

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