Wednesday, November 29, 2006



I swapped my R250 black poof yesterday for a tall chair (with backrest) and a small, cheap, yellow fishing rod. Still need to get a fan.

Went for a swim at the stadium (with Werner):
Swim: 51min
Distance: 2km
Best 50m: 33sec

Also did 6 pullups.

Meanwhile birdflu is bubbling under in South Korea. It's just stuck its neck out in Iksan, about 230km south of Seoul. And the 57th victim has died in Indonesia (on Tuesday), making the archipelago the current ground zero.
What makes the H5N1 threat in Korea so dangerous is that it is the 5th most densely populated country in the world (has SA's population on 1/10th the landmass). This means once there's an outbreak it's very difficult to contain.

Meanwhile I have stuff to do. The triathlon on Saturday is one of my priorities, but there are a couple more.
Jaco, my lawyer, tells me that he should get a judgement from the court so I can take action. Need that R8000 that they owe me, especially we Christmas coming up.
See how that pans out.

Now for a fan...
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