Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ping Pong

I had a few drinks last night - two whiskies and two glasses of wine and went to bed before 9pm. I still woke up fairly tired just before 7am and this afternoon I slept for another 2 or 3 hours after work. Feel better now but I wonder if I have allowed myself to become sleep deprived all of last week.

Alex is coming on Friday, and we'll probably go for an easy cycle on Saturday. I still need to swap my aerobars around again for my black bullhorns. Will probably do that tomorrow.

I told Maria not to come and clean the place as a terrific storm was brewing, and turned the sky black. Didn't rain much in the end. She said that dad is going 'berge toe' this weekend. I wonder if that's Lesotho or the Himalayas. Could be anywhere.

Candice called me yesterday wanting to know who my orthodontist was. She's spending R20 000 on fixing her teeth. Um...ja.

At the Chinese School today a builder (he's building cheap housing for the blacks, and making piles of cash by the looks of it) brought his 16 year old daughter. A real grumpy grouch. But then it's only her 2nd day in South Africa, and that's got to be a terrific shock. All the fresh air, the warm sunshine...

And the owner of the school arrived. When he met me I'd just finished playing ping pong with Harry (during a 15 minute break). I was standing on an elevated slab when he walked up to me, so I took his hand. He half pulled me down onto the grass where he was standing. I suppose it's a cultural thing that you never stand above someone who is in a position of authority.

I also jumped into the pool, still in my cycling shorts. Nice and refreshing. I'm introducing them to magic through a movie with Sam Neill called Merlin.

By the way wrapped up a big tournament with Harry today. You play best out of five games, and add those up to best out of five tournaments: I won 3-1. I thought the Chinese were supposed to be the best ping pong players in the world?

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