Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lonely Road

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I was really tired last night. You know that feeling when ordinary light seems to burn your eyes and seems overexposed? I'd been invited to a braai but just needed to sleep. Woke up after an hour but then plans changed, no more braai. Watched some Smallville then fell asleep. Some torrid dreams.

Woke up at 5:55am but still felt really tired, so did what I hate to do, missed the cycle race and slept late.

The dog from next door has been coming over and eating my plants, or lying on them, or finding some other way (perhaps urinating on them) to make sure they die. They've put up some wooden boards against the gate to keep him out but this morning he was back, hunting for a green shoot to nip in the bud.

Not feeling very motivated this morning. It's a shame missing out on a cycle race, but I'll try to rest today and then go for a run and swim when it gets cooler this afternoon.
Yesterday I had an awesome swim (after a pointless meeting at 3pm that lasted 5 minutes) with Barendine, Franna, Ina, Benedictus was also there.

Swim: 1:14:47
Distance: 2.08km

Did some core exercises this morning. Missed the Vanderbijl triathlon today as well, which also bums me out. On the positive side, both Cosmo and Ohmynews have asked me for some specific content, so will work on that when my energy starts to swing back.

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