Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How To Make A Strawberry Daquiri

Here's a simple concoction that'll make you go gah gah!

No, it's not a Daiquiri - it's my own invention: the Daquiri. It's got no alcohol in it (you can throw in a tot of vodka if you like), but it's healthy and exotic and best of all, delish.
What you'll need:-Strawberries-Ice-Sparkling water (preferable naartjie flavoured)Yep, that's it. Very simple, very easy, very straightforward.

You'll also need a decent blender, like a Russell Hobbs.

Ok, all set? You can snip off the green strawberry tops and toss the mangled red bodies in. Make sure the strawberries have some integrity though. Trass the mushy ones. Personally, I prefer leaving the leavy tops on, begause once you blend them, the small green specks gives the Daquiri a lovely tropical texture and appearance, and it's a little bit of fibre for you.

Okay, finished with the strawberries (5-10 should be fine for one beer mug sized glass).Now add the ice. Make sure the ice isn't rock hard (if it's been in the freezer for a month it's going to hurt your RH).Throw in about 5 or 6 rocks (that's ice!). If they are hard, never fear, add unrefrigerated sparkling water (if its slightly sweetened even better), and allow the ice to thaw or soften slightly. Make sure though that it doesn't melt completely! It's important that the finished product is brisk and almost crunchy.

OK, whip it up. Sometimes the teeth whack and grind a bit against the ice. It's an art to get it to sizzle into the perfect mixture first time, without any eruptions. Once the red monster has stopped vomiting against the lid you can stop. (Once again, you want some texture in the drink, so don't blend for too long, certainly no more than about half a minute).

Now, it's ready to serve. What makes this drink so delish is the combination of flavour and sensation. You've got the tang of strawberry, the crushed Slush Puppy ice, and bubbles perking up the mixture. It's a drink you can make in a few minutes, and it will knock the socks off your girlfriend. So give it a whirl!

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