Thursday, November 09, 2006


I would have made a terrible waiter. For one simple reason. I'm no good at it. Waiting I mean. That's not altogether true. I spent a large fraction of my life waiting, or rather, tolerating intolerable scenarios (like external braces on my teeth for half a decade). The proper term is probably not waiting at all, but 'enduring'. Which basically means existing within a certain state of affairs hoping your own existence will outlast said state of affairs.

The internet in South Africa is an example of where these skills (or lack of) need to be brought forth. For example, I've been waiting half an hour (enduring?) just for my email to open.
At the bank today, hoping to exchange an old debit card for a new one, I produced my passport, and was told they would only accept my green ID book. Fortunately I happened to have it with me, but I asked the person in charge how come the law is used despite the preponderance of probability that in this instance, I am, in fact, me, the lawful owner of my own bank account.

Meanwhile, it turns out, from my bank statements, I have been paid what I was owed, I've simply burned up the cash paying for bike races, and groceries, and electric bills. It seems like its going to be difficult to save much month on month at this rate. Will have to get creative, and perhaps take some risks.

I came home and found a bargain in the 'Cars for sale' section. A Chico, 1999, for about R26 000. I called up the guy and cheerfully informed me it had been sold first thing in the morning. Now we are hiring a car to go to JHB: talk about a waste of money! Feel like I am getting nowhere!

Good news is that my marks for this semester are 67%, 68% and 70%. I'm rewriting a test tomorrow to ensure that I defend my 80% predicate for one particular subject.

Yesterday I pursued another car to its driveway (again in Melville road), after a woman had her indicator light on and then almost rode over me when she didn't turn.
She was fairly apologetic, but I think only because her daughter was impatiently waiting to tell her something.

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