Friday, November 03, 2006

Don't Make An Ass Of Yourself

Easier said than done.

Received word from and Shape that my payment(s) have gone through. Also received a cellphone bill from Vodacom for just under R1000. Since the days when I was on pay-as-you-go, I was paying a minimum of R30 a day, that's not bad, especially since, theoretically I had unlimited time to talk. The bill also includes connection fees etc etc.

The OFM is this Sunday and there'll be some competive fire between myself, my brother and Alex. Should be interesting.

Am going to give my CV now to Hennie towards getting a possible job at Farmovs in Data Management.

Meanwhile at the English Department I see that two sets of my marks aren't even ready yet. Note today's date. I averaged 68% for Susan's Idealogy despite only attneding a handful of classes. I have to say I'm not impressed that I go to check my marks and only 80% of the students' marks are there. The Department is really disorganised.

Hopefully have a good weekend starting with the End of Year function of the cycling club I belong to. Will take my camera along.

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