Friday, November 03, 2006

The Chinese Tribe

Barendine drove me to work today since it was absolutely pouring and quite chilly. Not sure what I would have done without her help. When I arrived in the classroom, someone had drawn a huge ejaculating penis on the board, which drained me of my original gusto. Harry later confided that some 'kids' had drawn the picture - boys who don't stay at the school.

Jeffrey wrote a pretty freaky story which he described as his 'best childhood memory'. His job was to provide a big container filled with water for washing. Somehow they put scalding hot water in it and when someone wanted to wash their hands he didn't warn them. The next thing the person hopped about screaming in agony and he describes how it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen!

My students also put a couple of snails on my desk. Interesting prank but wasn't really in the mood today.

Played them The Big Blue on DVD today. They seemed to enjoy it but I'm finding they're taking longer and longer breaks and are lacking discipline. On the positive side they're more talkative and interactive.

Been feeling quite lonely today and yesterday. I suppose the rain has added to the sense of 'darkness'. Shape, Reporter and Heartland together owe me over R12 000 and it's cash I could actually do with right now, now that I'm ready to buy a car. It's just one of a whole host of things frustrating me right now. I got driven home in a silver BMW. The guy driving it looks like a small bulldog, or a wrestler. He said the students said I'm doing a very good job. The owner of the silver BMW is a Chinese guy who builds low cost houses for the blacks. He says building doesn't pay in China because it's still basically a Communist regime. The owner of the school, Dr Feng, has a silver Mercedes. It's interesting to see how easily these guys, outsiders really, have made money here. Well, I suppose it's never easy - it takes courage. You have to take a risk, and no doubt, they have. Either that or they bought them for R5000 in Harare.

Since Fransa and I have broken up (and I've been missing her quite a lot these past two days), I've felt at a lowish ebb. It's not the best place to be when you want to start a new, more successful (supposedly) chapter in your life. Time to put the determinism on the bike into a new area perhaps - commerce. Not so easy to do that without the support of loved ones, but perhaps essential. If you can do these difficult things, and take these difficult steps on your own, then only you can benefit from them. I guess it's a start.

Am feeling quite confused about Fransa because I appreciate and miss her so much, but also don't see how us getting back together is something I ought to be doing.
The road suddenly seems longer and darker. Is it a trick of the light? Or am I finally seeing the road for what it is?

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