Friday, November 24, 2006


It's one of those incredibly hot days that make the roads sizzle, and everything turns sleepy. Coming over the brdige a black car, with tinted windows drifted into my lane just as I drew alongside it. I picked it up and jerked my car away but it was a nasty shock. Further down the highway was a three car pileup, with a Polo's rear window smashed out by a truck laden with bricks.

Went to Mystic last night and enjoyed a bit of a change of scenery. Despite haviong a car, or possibly as a result of, I've been so busy this week, and only managed two training sessions (1 swim, 1 cycle). I plan to remedy that tomorrow by doing a cycling race and following it up with a run.

Will try to run today if I can catch up on sleep before that.

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