Monday, October 09, 2006

The Weight of Irony

After being on my own, the outsider looking in for such a long time - 4 years - it's an amusing twist of irony to be teaching Asian kids in Bloemfontein. They are really so far away from their world it's scary. They're actually not even in Bloemfontein but on a smallholding just outside of Bloem, so they have no internet connection, and not much happens on the farm after classes.
This must induce a kind of culture shock - instead of intense overcrowding and overpopulation there are very few people for miles, instead of cities and transport systems there are just long stright ribbons of tar with no buses on them, instead of massive pollution there are blue skies, instead of millions of same faced people, there's a melting poit of Africans and Europeans running around, instead of internet connectivity there's a TV that needs to be hooked up.

It's tough teaching 6 hours straight to one class of 8, but there are one or two med students and Jing is not only attractive but speaks very well, so that makes things easier. I can teach at a fairly high level, and it's quite enjoyable. Going to be tough getting out there in bad weather.

I do come away from work a lot fresher and in less of an emotional malaise than at Brebner, which leaves you feeling like you've been mauled, stabbed and gutted by endless mobs of thugs.

My girlfriend saw my new place last night. Everyone is thrilled - I am too - it's a comfortable little place, perhaps a home after all (have I arrived?), although there is a slight threat of rainwater getting in under the door. Have taken pictures and will load them as soon as I can.

I also took some pictures at the Capital to Capital race so will load these. My right hamstring is sensitive today. The muscle pulled a few times, and although I straightened it out, I think it got a little bruised. Will run today, but maybe easier than I otherwise would, and if it hurts I'll just stop. Have an idea it's a cycle specific running injury.

Referring to the comments below, I think the last 30km would have been tough for me no matter how this race turned out. I think I would have struggled up the last 2 hills even if I'd had a good start. I'm pretty sure Barendine is fitter than me at this point, but not stronger. So riding on my own would have developed my fitness.
I'm chuffed to have done such a long ride this early in the year. Last year I did it as late as December. Going to try to do an 180km ride once a month.

On Sunday:
Swim: 1.75km
Time: 0:41
Some kicking, stroking, mixing it up. Last 25 m = 15 seconds.
Weight: 80.05kg

I'm really pleased to have lost this much weight. Now to get below 80kg. When the weight comes down its going to be a lot easier to fly up the hills, and not just down.

Now I'm going to fetch a framed picture, have a quick sleep then go for a run and then I have a class at university. Also need to check if any rain seeped into my place last night. Have already called Andrew to make sure that if there is any work that needs to be done in that area will be done.

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