Friday, October 13, 2006

Unusual Road

This blog is titled: 'A Road to a Home'. Given my housewarming yesterday, has my road come to an end? To be sure it's been an unusual road and it's becoming unusual-ler. This is because I'm fitting more comfortably, each day, into my shoes as a writer. And that means I can live pretty much on impulse, and as spontaneously as I choose. But back to the original question: am I home?
Well, no. It is a comfortable new abode, and it'll do for the time being, but it isn't connected to any organic systems (despite buying some plants and planting veggies), I don't own it, and it isn't part of any communal system. These are the requirements, as far as I'm concerned, for a home. A real home - not just a McShack in suburbia.

Things have gone pretty well this week. Teaching has been blissfully easy (have been teaching reading out of a book called Mutant Message Down Under, and discussing clips out of Groundhog Day + focussing on vocab, pronounciation and speaking).

I've also gotten in two good runs and swims, and am still pleased to have 180km behind me, and to be almost in the 70's weightwise.

The fact that I found the time to throw a party illustrates the excent to which I am feeling centred and actualised.

Need to focus on saving, and looking towards a holiday through Swaziland to Mozambique. Either that, or Zanzibar. For now it's Currie Cup Fever in Bloem. Will try to get a few snaps of the atmosphere up here.

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