Saturday, October 14, 2006

Training Gains Momentum

Last night we went to an unusually quiet calm-before-the-storm Mimosa Mall to meet Dennis and Antoinette. We watched what must be the best film I've seen this year: The Devil Wears Prada. It's a story about going from rags (but not necessarily poverty), to Glamazon. The big eyed brunette reminded me a lot of Samantha, who works at House of Coffees. A great feel good movie, and Barry Ronge rightly calls it the best movie about the fashion industry ever made. Why? Because it pokes fun at the wicked nastiness that typifies fashion moguls, but we're still fascinated and awed by how beautiful designers can dress up the human form. Meryl Streep is one of my top 5 female actors (not bad since she's not a spring chicken). Anne Hathaway may make the list soon. I also like Kate Beckinsale, Kate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson.

2 more movies to watch out for:
The Guardian
Night in the Museum

After the movie we went to Spur and had some of the best grub I've had in a while. Been eating lots of nuts and fruit and salads lately - not bad, but enjoyed my food last night. Finished off a steak and plenty of veg with a brownie. Yumm.

Exercise wise

After resting on Friday I got up this morning before 7am to do a 10km run.

Distance: 10km
Time: 47:50

Immediately after we cycled 50km. Hennie and I left everyone else behind - nice cruising speed. Averaged around 35km/h until we took it easier through Heuwilsig..
Time: 1:29
Distance: 50km

Bloem is buzzing, and full of orange flags and fieterjasies. The place feels like a Dutch enclave (house of Orange and all), which is good for a change.

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