Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Survivor South Africa

Rana's luck changes

While Barry Ronge wrote in the Sunday Times' magazine this week that he doesn't care who gets voted off Survivor SA (and presented a Political Survivor SA model), there's someone I'd like to stick around: It's Nico, the restaurant guy.

Nico may not be playing with all the wits that a survivor needs to win the game, but he's entertaining and likable.

This episode was technically pretty good. Less disembodied voiceover's from Mr Bayly (some quick flickbacks to show his face when he makes a comment). My only criticism is Nico looking straight at the camera while drinking his coffee. It was a weird 'aha' moment. It made me think: 'Shucks, they obviously tell them to ignore the camera and it's probably quite hard to do'.Not sure if it was this week's or last week's episode but I also spotted the edge of a microphone dipping under the top of the TV screen. Small mistakes, but it blows the whole Castaway vibe.

For once Rana won an immunity challenge: seems Gareth is a good swimmer, and his swim put Rana ahead, with the others maintaining his lead.

Brigitte probably committed the cardinal error both for herself and other females on the island by voting for Mzi as arranged, instead of Nico (who she wanted to vote out). As a result Nico got only 2 votes, and was saved from possible elimination. This means Aguila, with Danielle gone, are 2 men and 2 women strong. Rana interestingly enough have the same setup. If Brigitte voted Nico out, the women would have outnumbered the men 5 to 3. But with even odds the question will the men outwit the women?
If Zayn doesn't pull up his pants (which seem to keep falling down), he will be the next to exit Rana.

Don't the tribes merge round about now? Watch the next episode to find out whether the boys or the girls are going to survive on the island the longest.

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