Monday, October 02, 2006

Survivor South Africa: Panama

"I hate crabs"

Real life on a paradise island isn't as comfortable as we'd like to think. Rana has found their shelter infested with crabs. The critters climb into the bamboo rigging, and under it. Rana, having found things like jerseys full of holes, tried to raise their shelter off the ground to give them some space away from these pincer-toting pests.

Meanwhile, the blonde doc (Gareth) raised the issue of Rana not only not winning challenges, but losing and apparently 'not caring enough' about losing.
At that point there had been 9 immunity challenges, and Rana had won only 2 of them.

The 10th challenge, for immunity, involved 3 members being buried underground (basically waiting in a sealed wooden case underground). This 'coffin' had to be unlocked by a digger outside.

What beggars belief is that Rana chose one of their girls to do the digging, while Aguila chose Mzi. Guess who won? Aguila, by the largest margin yet.

So now, total challenges won:
Aguila: 8
Rana: 2

If Gareth is supposedly the brains in Rana, how could he make such a huge tactical error?

At tribal council Danielle, who on the first day said 'I don't like this game' got one more vote than big boy Zayn. In a surprise twist, Sanele, who's shoulder injury became serious enough for him to have to leave the game, gave Danielle his torch, and she was dispatched to join Aguila, much to everyone in Rana's surprise.

The game is on.

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