Friday, October 20, 2006

Shadows and Storms

It's been raining a lot. Today, after the sun rained burning arrows, clouds barreled upward on thermals forming masses of icy cumulous that suddenly melted.
My big flower put beside my door has come alive with hundreds of little fingers breaking through.

It's strange being at university again. I remember most of my university career was dominated by a relationship I had with a silly schoolgirl. I did have a couple of interests in students, but never got the show on the road.

I am getting into good shape. You notice it when you see photos from a few months ago. Quite nice to see my face changing shape, and some sculpture returning to my calves and legs. Now for the rest.

This semester is just about done. Just need to hand in one more assignment.
Shape has sent me an invoice for the story, and I've also heard today that Heartland once again reneged on their promise to pay. They really are a bunch of skelms.

Meanwhile I have drawn up a list of people I'm inviting to the exhibition. I'm at 60, and that excludes people Lynn's going to invite. Should be good.

Above image is Mykonos, in March this year.

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