Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Running Amuck

Thought I would lie down for 5 minutes before going for a run yesterday and ended up losing consciousness. Have been really tired and the last few days, but I'd rather catch up on sleep and recharge on immunity than train myself sick.

I also managed to attend my first university class yesterday and my second today.

Teaching the Chinese kids is going well. We spent quite a while studying Groundhog Day (I took my DVD player along), so time went by quickly and it was quite enjoyable. Not a bad way to earn a living!

After teaching I had lunch - macaroni, just what the doctor ordered, and after a short nap got up at 4pm and ran a route I used to run when I was a hotshot triathlete. It's a 9km route with two or three sharpish climbs. I felt a lot lighter and quicker than the last time I did this route, and was encouraged to finish under 45 minutes. I also ran into Andre, who was cycling around Preller, and we had a good chat while I puffed alongside. He said on the uphill I was going 10km/h and on the downhill, 11.5km/h. He also asked if I would make myself available as the media representative for the Free State Cycling Federation (He works as a printing technician, I think, for our local newspaper, controlled by mighty Media24). I said sure.

Total time: 44:38
Distance: 9km
Ran with iPod and a light t-shirt. Felt good.

Meant to also go swimming tonight but spent a lot of time doing work on the labs computers. Wrote a story on the Airbus for Ohmynews and another story on Survivor SA for reporter. My picture of the Krugersdrift dam overflowing, taken with my Samsung phone, was published on the front page of Isn't technology wonderful!

Have 2 stories pending that I'll do later tonight or tomorrow:
1) Meeting Venus: Your nursery is full of surprises
2) Bulemia Up Close: What happens when self esteem gets sick

I also bought the latest SHAPE magazine on a whim. My story on Ina van Tonder is on page 131. Check it out.

To get Shape on your cellphone go here:

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