Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Repeat Broadcast

I actually typed a 10 minute message and then blogger crashed, so I lost all the information. Am not going to retype it but will provide a bulleted list of this weekend:

- Won a 40km cycle race (average 39km/h) with Hennie's help
- No prizemoney but scooped up a bottle of Energade in a Lucky Draw (Barendine also won her race, finished about 2 minutes behind us, and San Marie won the 80km race)
- Ran 9km afterwards in searing 37 C heat.
- Met Lynn Slettevold to discuss the exhibition (she's a photographer), and later went to her home - very artfully decorated, in a nook not far from me - before going to dinner at Dros.

- Cycled 110km on Sunday. Just before the longest and hardest drag my intestines pressed EVACUATE and I had to dash to Pitstop to make a...well, a pit stop. Ooooooofffmmgggrmmmmaaaaah.
Two guys caught me going up and I dropped them a bit later.

Cycled to work today and have just returned now from a swim.
Best 250m = 3:32
Weight: 80.75kg (after a huge supper)

Saw Ina at gym (the girl I wrote about for Shape mag). Had quite a good chat.

Feeling good and healthy, although things didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped today. Waited for 40 minutes at the English Department for Mrs Fourie to come back from lunch, and didn't get an important call I was expecting.

Have arranged to go with CJ to do the 94.7. Staying at Alex's place.

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