Sunday, October 29, 2006


A candle's light does not diminish when it gives its fire to another...

I'd expected Saturday's race to be a full standard triathlon, but it turned out to be another half standard. It was just as well because I felt fairly worn out when I woke up on Saturday, and my legs felt tired in the warm up. The good thing about doing another half standard was I could compare my performance to 4 weeks ago, and it's good to see my fitness is improved in every department. I swam better, and felt more comfortable (despite only swimming 3 times), cycling felt great, and felt quicker and more comfortable on the run (despite only doing minimal work on my run).

The anticipated match up with Vic never happened - he had a so-so swim, I was about 10 seconds closer to him than last time, and he was only about 15 metres ahead of me heading up the slope. Benedictus was on my butt, and he edged in front on me while I took some time slipping my feet into my shoes.
Vic gave up the lead just after the boom gates - evidently he had a slow puncture or something, and so I followed Ben up the slope and out. He made a gap of about 20 metres but I wasn't unduly worried. I was doing my race, and it didn't suit me to start off the bike with a sprint to catch someone or pass them. I passed him on the longest drag up to the highest point (at around 4km). I thought he might hang on - it's only a 20km timetrial, but by 10km he was maybe 10 seconds behind and the gap had doubled by the end.

I started the run feeling fairly fresh, but I was panting. I wasn't too happy when Ben surged by me at about 500m on the run. He was really flying, whereas I was doing a brisk jog. I'll have to work on my running so I can shift up at least two gears. Ended second, and Vic managed to finish too. There were only 8 of us, but was quite a nice race.

Hennie did well despite a puncture 2.5km from the end, and was on track to do a personal best. Barendine seemed to be cruising through the event and seemed happy with her result.

Here are some Race Stats (bike section):
Time: 31:44 (Previously 36: 46)
Distance: 19.5km
Average: 36.8km/h (Previously 32.6km/h)
Kcal: 544 (656)
Heart rate average: 156 (160)
Temperature: 19 C (maximum 20 C) - it was unexpectedly cool on Saturday.
1:38s per kilometre (40km race was 1:32, and previous tri race was 1:50s per km)

Becoming more efficient so going to work to continue the trend.
We had a nice braai after, threw the frisbee around and when I got home I slept for about 3 hours. Next week is a very big race: The OFM Classic.

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