Monday, October 02, 2006


Yesterday we rolled out of the KFC parking lot and into a beautiful day. Jacques Greef wasn't there, but there were a bunch of new riders. One of them was Petrus, a guy my age who won Saturday's Windmill Casino race. He broke away at 3km and held off the pack for 67km. That's not something many cyclists can get away with. He told me his average heart rate was 171.

Someone else who joined us yesterday was 18 year old Arien. I remember riding with her last year. She'd just gotten her Matric results and was going overseas. Now, almost a year later, she's back. She also won yesterday's race. She went overseas - to Holland, Belgium and Italy I think - to ride with a pro team. She trains in Johannesburg, 4-5 hours a day, and it showed: She was stronger than me on a couple of climbs yesterday. I'm doing an interview with her later this week. Should be interesting.

So here a few stats from yesterday's ride:
Total time: 4:27
Distance: 133km
Average speed: 29.6km/h (Barendine's HRM read 30.something)
Total calories: A LOT.

Gearing up for a 180km race this Saturday. After yesterday, I'm under no illusions how tough Saturday is going to be.

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