Friday, August 11, 2006

Week End

I'm pretty relived to have reached the end of this week. Somehow, when I seemed to be sliding back into illness, my immunity booster must have kicked in, because after Tuesday I felt better and although still exhausted, feel much better today.

I have taken a lot of strain this week. Today, a student in my Business Economics class came within a whisker of attacking me. Another teacher (an ex-boxer) came to the class to remove him. Not nice at all.

Mr Cassar, headmaster of Eunice, came and gave an eloquent and excellent speech at the school. Brebner, as he says, has had some influence on the old city of Bloemfontein. Two hostels are named after the school (at Eunice and Oranje) and on my way to university I went past Brebner Road. I think he said the school was named after the first Head of Education, or something, of the Free State.

As expected, I spoke to Prof Raftery in my lecture today (which was cancelled), and as I expected, the pitch of her voice went up a few decibels, and she continued the trend of squashing whatever I had to say with her brand of verbosity. It wasn't a nice experience, and I don;t take any satisfaction referring this to the Head of the English Department. What else can you do with someone who cannot take the trouble to listen and respond in patient, and plain English?

I had a lovely sandwich and iced tea with Yolande - who gave me Charl's Cairo to Cape Point diary and DVD, and bought the remainder of the books I need. A student very kindly made me a copy of the study guide - of his - otherwise I still wouldn't have had one.

I'm happy about one thing. That Shape looks like they're going to publish the One Tough Cookie story.

Meanwhile, Jaco called me to say Heartland doesn't have any money to pay me. That's no surprise. What a bunch of fools I have had to suffer of late!

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