Friday, August 18, 2006

Hats/Gloves Off

The Pride and Prejudice test today was an experiment in obfuscation and obtusity. If you don't know what they means (I'm not sure I do), the test was extremely vague in what it was asking. Imagine choosing an errant passage in a book, where no specific reference is made to anything (I mean, no place name, no person's name). Then you ask your students to write an essay on it. I believe I managed, but for some students whose first language is not English (and this might be a third language subject), I think it was a very cruel test.

The lecturer (once again Prof Fat Factory) also asked us to write about the 'hero' of Pride and Prejudice which invites an interesting dilemma. Austen obviously has her focus on Elizabeth - her hero, but the word is actually a masculine form (heroine is feminine). It's similar in that sense to the word 'actor' which can mean either a male or female.

So once again not impressed with this oversized woman and since I bumped into Prof Greyling, I am more determined than ever than have her account for her sins. He (Greyling) has been a bit wimpish on this subject. I haven't felt he is dealing with it at all, which somehow doesn't surprise me...but I won't reveal I say so, right here, or right now.

Meanwhile Manuella suffered a mugging (losing keys, cards etc) and wasn't able to give us access either into her office or out of it. She also missed yesterday's tut. But she's a better figure of a woman than someone who is large and unprofessionally large at that, all day.

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