Monday, August 28, 2006

Crash Boom Bang

Cycled in a race on Saturday. The leading bunch dropped me on the 2nd big hill. Could possibly stay with them a bit longer but Barendine, who gave me a lift to the race, asked me to help her if she got dropped. So I hung back and waited for my teammate (in same colors I was wearing). Turns out I had to wait quite a while.

Rode together and saw two spectacular crashes - Ben's foot unclippe3d and he went flying into the long grass. And another guy drafted behind Barendine, looked around and then fell down. Lots of riders seemed nervous since it's been a while since we had a race. More than one brushed quite hard against me.

Barendine won R450 (1st woman) and I won a R50 voucher for Mimosa Mall. We went to eat Thai food at Red Pepper and watched RV with Robin Williams. Quite funny.

Yesterday cycled the OFM route:

Cycle: 115kmTime: 4:15
Kcal: 3535
Average Heart rate: 133

Wasn't a bad weekend despite the fact that the planned trip to Underberg didn't happen. 2 weeks left before exams, and some marking left to do.

Going running this afternoon.

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