Thursday, August 24, 2006

Broken Window

It's been raining elephants and hippopotami. Today was another legendary day at the office. Some rascal through a lemon through the window - that means, the glass broke. Another window is badly cracked.

Oprah had an excellent program yesterday about children that become instiable little monsters, who just want this thing, then that thing. There happiness is very short lived, and is always at the mercy of 'having something'. Parents also think that to demonstrate love or care they must 'give something'. The true gift is a gift of ourselves. Our attention, our listening, our empathy.

Interestingly, they pointed out that today's children (and even many of the individuals who live in this culture of consumption, a culture devoid of meaning) are incapable of feeling empathy. Children are so addicted to wanting things that they aren't able to appreciate the feelings of others, or even care about them. This is clearly evident in the school environment, where the ability to remain quiet or focussed is fleeting.

Tomorrow I am going to The Bend with Fransa, to visit my sister. I'd like to do some horseriding, if the rain lets up. I went to Exclusive Books to buy some copies of Heartland to give to Sheila but they said Heartland had 'sold out'. That's if they ever received any to begin with.

I was walking on campus today and realised, next term I will be able to attend classes without rushing back to Brebner. That's going to be fun. Going to be a fully fledged student (and journalist) for the last quarter of the year. Am looking forward to that.


Hi Nick

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The article will be in the October edition. The September edition goes on sale next week (around the 23rd). Look out for the elephant on the cover.
In terms of distribution, I'm pleased to hear it's out there. Our circulation guys adjust the number of magazines they send out depending on what sales are, but this usually takes a few months. This doesn't affect the overall print order. But thanks very much for the feedback.


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