Saturday, July 22, 2006


I've been going around shocking people (and things). Don't know if it is just a certain kind of energy I'm generating (negative?) but just seem to give off shocks when I touch a car, or a door or someone else.

Finished all marks and putting marks on the system last night at about 11pm. I actually cannot believe what a monstrous amount of work it is. I am really exhausted after this week, so next week, even though I am working, ought to feel like a holiday.

Felt like I slept in a hotel last night. Stayed at Hannes' place and caught up on the news. Things in Israel and Lebanon are probably going to escalate.

Went to gym and met a SA biathlete (and triathlete). Wendy. Swam 1.5km. Weight has blubbered up to 83.8kg. Going to cycle a long way tomorrow, study for an English exam and try to catch up on sleep. Also need to sort out a number of articles that need to be changed, sent off or pitched.

Now to watch the Tour de France's penultimate stage - the time trial. Landis?

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