Monday, July 10, 2006

Reality Check

The world is about to change... Picture courtesy

I took Fransa out for a birthday dinner and she woke up the next day with a stomach bug that sent her into hospital by the end of the day. Thanks guys. I bumped into one of the waittresses on my way to CNA (to buy a newspaper) and told her to spread the word to the cooks (one of whom must have spoiled the broth). Throw out the Swiss Caseroles and burn them!

It's a bizarre feeling...sometimes...driving around. We are so used to a car-based society that life without it just wouldn't work.

Today we seem to be at a turnaround point in various respects. The middle class (mostly black) are defaulting on credit card payments and loans (including house and vehicle repayments) on an increasingly massive scale.

The world is poised to fall into inflation. And with demand for fuel showing no signs of abating (India and China are just getting their engine's started) we're poised to see oil shoot up above $100 a barrel. Yes, we've said it before. I'm saying it again.

Barry Ronge wrote today about people in South Africa who complain about crime. Some people call them whingers. He says, "Whinge as much as you can. Whinge until someone listens, until things change."
The same is true of the energy situation.

But even in this context, I need to function. I've found the strain of not having a car very difficult. Renting is expensive. Borrowing seems to go against the grain of girlfriends and family members who decry: "Get your own." That may seem fair. In tomorrow's world, there will be a psychology of sharing, because there won't be enough for everyone, and there never will be. Well, perhaps not never. But for long enough for it to feel that way.

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