Thursday, July 27, 2006

Moon and Gloom

Still trying to get in a full night's sleep. That's 8 hours for me. Got 7 last night.

I'm not feeling superior at all to my colleague, Mr Schabbord, who quit this week. Finding it tough to be back at school, shouting my way through class after class after class. Lots of kids slipping in and out of class during periods, and have already been in trouble for a mob of my students (who won't come in) hovering outside my class. When you want them to come in they stay outside, when you want them to leave, they stay inside. Going to try reverse psychology tomorrow: "Please stay outside for the next 10 minutes, I need to set your tests..."

Cycled to varsity today. A fast paced 15 minutes. Going to improve my fitness a lot I think if I do it twice or more a week. Think I am going to enjoy Ideology a lot this semester - we're studying how Soapie's are constructed (for example, no resolution).

Went spinning yesterday. CJ was there, and Barendine. Charl's class was tough as usual but I seemed to handle it okay.

Not to rush back to hostel duty. Yippee, but can start reading Pride and Prejudice and catch up on our reading I've missed. Need to train again tomorrow...maybe a 5am spin...

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