Monday, July 17, 2006

Mass Marking

Well, with just houra to go before school, I still had one entire mountain range of marking to do. Since I was only getting 2 done per hour, I needed to seriously improve work rate. So I set up an assembly line. Put about 50 papers all over the place, on the same page. On the bed, on the floor, everywhere, and then, using the memo, flew through everything. Picked up my work rate to about 10 an hour. With a lot of help from Fransa.

So far so good. I have just the Standard Grade marking to do of Grade 11 economics, and some other Higher Grade to wrap up. Most of the students are averaging around 40%. Quite scary.

Lots happening now. Have university class tonight - at 7pm I think. Have to fetch study guides sometime today (or this week). Have a huge amount of marks to transform into percentages. Plenty of filing. And must somehow teach and train while all this is happening.

On the back burner is the legal process - trying to get my R8 000 from Heartland, and I've just sent the interview with Ina to Shape magazine. See how that goes.

Meanwhile I've had a few offers in terms of a car but nothing that has grabbed me. Will cycle to varsity today. Haven't been on the bike for a while.

Also need to find a buyer for the Blood and Dust story. Maybe Africa Geographic Traveller or something. Busy week.

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