Friday, July 28, 2006


Attended my second lecture of the semester today. Basically had to scramble from the southern city limits after the hockey match (we won 2-0, both goals in first half), then skedaddle back to the campus but made it into class fairly comfortably.

I'm not sure if Pride & Prejudice is my cup of tea. I guess I would never have read it if I wasn't doing an English course, but perhaps I'll at least extend my limits (in terms of the language).

I didn't manage to train today at all, but I think that's a blessing in disguise: legs are still stiff from spinning, and there's a race again on Saturday.

I got an email from Andrea today, saying they're busy now on the 3rd issue and I can have a look at their edit when they're done. Have heard nothing from Toni (Younghusband, of Shape magazine) presumably because their next issue is due any day now. Will probably call her next week and peddle the article to someone else (Oxygen or Elle, or perhaps Runner's World).

I am soooo glad tomorrow is Friday, it's unreal.

Notice the airborne brick...

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Daniel said...

I dig the last photo. Shot.