Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kunstler: Intelligentsia going Coo Coo

July 3, 2006 In another bravura display of utter cluelessness, the New York Times Sunday Magazine ran a cover story yesterday by Ted Conover about the growing craze for cars in China -- with no mention of the global oil picture until the second-to-last paragraph, and in one mere sentence at that. Here it is:

"[China's) growing demands for gasoline make it increasingly our competitor for the finite global supply; by 2030, according to the International Energy Agency, China may be importing as much energy as we do."

Hmmmm. That's interesting. And how much energy to you suppose the USA will be importing? The same as we do now? A lot more? Try: maybe none. If you actually look at oil production country-by-country and field-by-field, there are no grounds for assuming that anybody will be exporting oil in 2030.
Will someone please inform the editors of the New York Times that they are missing the story?

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