Monday, July 31, 2006

In Sickness

I've been hammering the virus that's in me with at least 4 different doses, and it seems to be working. Feel very woozy and dizzy and sleepy, but better and stronger than yesterday. Someone suggested to me in a phone call today that maybe my immunity is compromised. Is that code for: do you have Aids? I think just a lot of sleep deprivation is behind this. For most of last week I was walking around like I had just come out of a movie and the midday glare was painfully bright. You've got to be damn sleepy to feel that way.

Going to skip school tomorrow because I am still not rested, and will probably resume everything on Tuesday.

I have managed to catch up on writing work over the weekend, and also watched Pride and Prejudice (prescribed University work) on DVD. Quite enjoyed it.

Barendine is also sick, and icy weather is headed this way again. Apparently going to be -2 and 12 maximum later in the week. I think I need to hold off the spinning classes until it's a lot warmer. The combination of being wet and cold isn't a good one.

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