Monday, July 10, 2006

get GOing

I recieved a call today from Andreis Weiss (editor of go! magazine, the sister publication of Weg!, one of South Africa's most successful publications, and the most successful publication in its class in this country).

She tells me they are going to publish my 'Tour de Free State' story in the next go! and will probably translate it for weg! I sms'ed Lee (headhoncho of the Tour) and he said "excellent". Hope they like the story.

At the same time I am stepping up a gear with Heartland (who owe me almost R8000). Because Quentin told me they are moving to new offices soon (and a travel agency is taking over their office space), some alarm bells rang. Quentin says that, and the editor tells me the auditor's report shows the magazine is in deep financial trouble. So before they pull off a disappearing act I'm going to take them to the CCMA or sue for what they owe me. I want to buy a car now, and I'm going to need that R8 000.

Ran 6 laps with Barendine today at 1pm.
50 minutes. Good fat burner.
Am going interview Ina tonight (who did the Eco Primal Quest).

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you show them how to braai properly. Check this out for some tips on making the perfect braai and the perfect marinade. :)