Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Eye Shadow

Went to a spin class at 5am yesterday (a small miracle). Actually enjoyed it - legs are still sore from it - but went into zombie meltdown mode a few hours later. Doing crazy stuff like handing out exam papers before I've written down the exam marks in my file.
Also have a disagreement with the headmaster. He came and stood by the window for several minutes while I taught. After calling my kids "stupid" a few times, he turned his attention to me, objecting to me giving the kids a Business Economics and Economics test on the same day. Since it's school policy to give no more than 2 tests on a day, I wasn't too impressed to be told what to do while I am in my classroom, especially when I am allowed to do what I'm doing.

Later in his office, showing me the tip of his pinkie, he said, "You care this much for your kids." Not nice to hear, especially after spending nights and mornings marking their work and spending all my time on student's scrawl.

go! magazine said the article is possibly too big for the next edition, so will come out in the September edition.
Not sure when I'll work on changing the other one for Shape.

Meanwhile I am still not sleeping much as I go to bed marking and when I wake up I do some more. So i thu gu shu ma na bectha gazzzzz ww mm... [System Shutdown. System Restore?]

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