Friday, July 07, 2006

2 articles

I've got another Top Story on, which I guess may have led to the email from Redline.

Goes to show does give a writer some exposure.

Dad left for Botswana today. If I was more in my right mind (almost wrote 'write' mind) I'd be even more down about not going.

In the meantime have to focus on getting my story for GO magazine, 'The Tour' done. It's one of the more difficult projects I've given to myself. There's also an emotional (and spiritual) aspect to the story which is sometimes difficult to steer away from.

Collected my new Oakley lenses today from Cyclopede. R450. But nice. Also got my picture back from Katia, a designer I know who is working on a cycling clothes.

Going to a birthday braai tonight. Should be good.

Oh, and here's a confession: I have been procrastination with my marking. Got up at 3am this morning (when the wine wore off) and burst through the rest of the 'Return of the King' levels, including the last one, against Gollum. So now I've unlocked all the other characters. Made myself listen to Tony Robbins afterwards. Need to focus on getting things done (more important things I mean). Meanwhile I caught Dr Phil saying, 'Have fun' between cleaning up my place and having a bath.

My idea of having fun is exercise. And, kissing.

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