Friday, May 19, 2006


I had an epiphany today in class. We were comparing Antigone and Hamlet. What’s amazing is that Antigone was written in a Pre-Christian age, and Hamlet hundreds of years later, with Christianity come and, well, not exactly gone.

What’s interesting is how the burial rites have not changed in centuries. I’m referring to this desire to remember the dead. But our psychology does seem to have shifted slightly, yes slightly, and subtly in over a thousand years. Whereas in the past the gods were plamed (posthumously) or attributed power for observable reality, our current level of technology (in terms of belief system) has God running the systems, interconnecting all of us, and so all that happens is attributable to one God. In a preordained/fated/inevitable sort of way.

Here’s a good example. The war in Iraq is connected in the minds of the American Bible belt as somehow being a Revelations type scenario. Something already predicted, something requiring fulfillment. All part of a predestined path. “The battle is already won,” the bible points out. We must just go out now and fight it. Oh really.

I sold my first 2 DVD’s today. Gave the first to PJ at Virgin Active and then quickly got stuck in with weights, did 10 pullups, core and a bit of running.
Nearly went crazy waiting for Fransa as time ticked by. I had a test scheduled for today at 5:10 and after the time came and gone I started to stress. I was also supposed to meet Juanita at 5:05 to give her her DVD. I arrived in the end at about 5:25. Dropped off the DVD at the statue – I noticed Juanita looked quite ill. She said it was from a stomachache. Okayyy.
Then dashed off and wrote my test. Finished it in time and I feel I wrote really well, so am happy how it turned out.
Meant to leave and miss the next lecture but ended up sitting and discussing last weeks test. Very interesting discussion (see above). Fransa kept poking her head around windows and doors around the classroom – quite cute and whimsical. This little pixie appearing here and there with a little smile.

After class I took her to the Spur for a burger. Got an sms for Juanita saying I got Lee’s name wrong – it’s Lambert not Lombard. And I wrote Isak instead of Lukas. That’s what happens I guess when you do this job all by yourself. I’m upset about the errors, especially an error relating to the leader of the whole thing, but then we didn’t cycle 1000km and the truck broke – and the lesson I learnt from the Tour before this one was to know when to give up. Not to be a pedantic perfectionist about finishing everything.

Came home for a bit of a vry and then Corneli called and after that Simon knocked on the door and wanted me to do 3rd person duty. BUGGER! Really ruined my evening. So walked Fransa to her car and then did the stupid duty. Have actually spoken to Mr Taylor previopusly to say I am not available for 3rd person duty on Thursdays (since I usually have tests and stuff to do on Thursdays). So am going to make it clear that Thursdays aren’t on the cards any more.

I haven’t heard from Lee so am wondering if he isn’t pissed off at me. And am anticipating some kind of “show me the money” thing with Benedictus now that all the work on the DVD is done and the money is going to start coming in. I have actually done 95% of the work here, and I think he expects 50% of the proceeds. Think that idea will have to be adjusted (downwards) a bit.

Going to cycle 80+ km tomorrow afternoon with Berendine. SA Cycling Champs is in 2 weeks.

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