Friday, May 05, 2006


Today seemed to gain momentum. Not sure why. There was a WWF incident in the class in the second last class - two girls attempting to beat each other up and I had to wrestle them apart. Never a dull moment.

Tomorrow I am giving all classes tests, and have to give assignments as well this week but am not 100% clear on where and how and what. Lots of filing to do also but not going to hang around the school this weekend!

Am going to Fauresmith and when I get back I won't see 108 or much of the gas guzzler I've been using. I emailed Mr Kunstler to ask his advice on buying a car and he said he wasn't in a position to advise me. Perhaps fair comment. Maybe test drive a Dhaihatsu next week. For some reason I'd rather go Toyota than Korean, but maybe also test drive the Picanto (made by Kia) especially since CAR magazine rated it the best budget buy.

Am also considering buying a notebook computer to bring my class out of the stone (chalk) age.

Looking forward to the weekend. Should be fun. Looking forward to hearing the grass singing, and not a single child for many miles around me. A cold front is moving over, but someone said there is no such thing as cold, only poor clothing. So will pack in my Polartec stuff.

Highlight of today was coaching and playing with the under 18 hockey girls. Nice to be running on the field and actually had a bit of fun. Enjoyed that the most of all the school activities so far.

After that went to gym for 20 minutes on the indoor bike. Chatted quickly to PJ, whose beard is slightly longer than mine, then picked up my bike (changed handlebars) and then rushed off to class. Hamlet is getting quite interesting.

Had dinner with Fransa and her family and left with a smile on my face. Such a sweetie.

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