Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Is it worth going to PE for 4 days, and paying R2280 just to use the car? I don't think so. Perhaps I'll come back earlier then.

Am considering asking my father if I can use his bakkie. Ugly hunk of metal that, and I'm not so skint that I'm desperate enough to ask for it.

Hostel meeting tonight. Re3sted yesterday, so need to get out and train a bit today.

My bicycles back wheel has a puncture again - despite taking it to Cyclopede and not even riding on it.

My pet peeve at the moment is that people don't get back to you when they say they will. Not just one person, a whole bunch.

Writing tests at school so they are becoming a bit more manageable. Meanwhile I have just starting marking a mountain of formal tests. Lhotse (aka lots) to go.

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